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Mail Your Saw - RIPSAW Stage 1 (Woods Port)


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Expect an 8 week turnaround from when we receive your saw on all "Mail Your Saw" orders!

RIPSAW Stage 1 Overhaul


1. Purchase your Stage 1 Overhaul.

2. Box your saw for shipment. Dump out the fluids and send us your saw (RIPSAW recommends UPS Ground) SHIPPING Page

Ship to:

441 Donruth Lane
Johnstown Pa 15909


3. Once your saw arrives, RIPSAW will begin disassembly and complete the RIPSAW Stage 1 Woods Port. RIPSAW will complete all modifications and ship the saw back within the scheduled timeframe. Expect an email with tracking information.

4. Open your new RIPSAW woods port!

Local drop offs are also accepted. 

RIPSAW Stage 1 Woods Port Includes:

  • Port Matched & Modified Muffler

  • Advanced Timing

  • Optimized Jetting Setup (Select Models)

  • Custom Tuning (Select Models)


  • Lifelong Customer Support

  • Return shipping included in USA w code: FreeShip
  • Testing After Completion For Quality Assurance (new saws)

  • Email With Tracking Information When Your Saw Ships

  • Quick Turnaround Time
Please contact us with any questions or concerns

RIPSAW Stage 1 Overhaul is designed to be a "quick mod” for homeowner's saws and those looking for an entry into modified saws. We perform a muffler mod and timing advance to quickly hop up your existing platform without diving into a full engine overhaul.


Questions? Let us know what saws you want to send and a RIPSAW Specialist will contact you shortly.

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