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Mail Your Saw - Ripsaw Performance Overhaul - Select a Saw

Mail Your Saw - Ripsaw Performance Overhaul - Select a Saw


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Current lead time: ~6-8 months from date of purchase. Please note that all lead times are estimated based on orders going out the door today. We are working to complete built to order saws as quickly as possible however we can not rush any saws due to the precise nature of the work. Contact the shop if you need assistance!

Ripsaw is now accepting brand new saws for mail in engine modifications- Saws must be brand new, clean and in proper running order *Dirty or used saws, saws filled with bar oil/fuel or damaged saws will be charged 30min shop rate* (we are not completing repairs at this time) + return shipping


1. Select your saw above and complete purchase to receive your order number by email. (saw must be on the list and brand new)

2. Box your saw for shipment. Make sure to include your order number. Remove all fluids and send your saw to the shop (RIPSAW recommends UPSGround) SHIPPING Page

Ship to: 

441 Donruth Lane
Johnstown Pa 15909
3. Ripsaw will tag your saw with your order number as soon as it arrives. It will go in line for modifications and we will begin the work as soon as your order number is ready. Once the saw is completed, Ripsaw will email you return tracking information as soon as it is on the way.
Ripsaw Modifications Include:
  • Cylinder machine work (Base cut & Squish cut) for increased compression
  • Re-size and re-shape of all ports and port windows for optimal air flow (intake,exhaust,upper and lower transfers)
  • Polished exhaust for reduced carbon build up
  • Chamfered port windows and cylinder base to deburr for longevity
  • Port Matched & Modified Muffler
  • Advanced Timing (when necessary)
  • Decompression Delete
  • Carb de-limit/retune and computer recalibration 

Questions? Feel free to Contact Us and someone on the Ripsaw team will take care of you.

Place your order now or message us on Facebook or Email Us to get your saw in the shop ASAP!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Sean Vernetti

Over all the guys did ma great job with my saw. Love the new 395 sound. Snappy feel, I think it’s going to be a fun saw.
Only thing I wasn’t a fan of was. I called them and told them I was missing the bolt that holds my chair brake guard on. And if they could replace it for me while they worked on my saw. When I got my saw back there was a piece of paper in the box telling me the missing bolts they found. Like really, that’s what I called u for. I feel they missed out going the extra mile for their customer.

Creighton peterson
Couldn't be better

Sending my saw in to get the overhaul is 110% worth it.... now by far the best saw I own

Dean Gianotti
Stage 1

Had my ms310 in for a stage 1 woods tune. This is my firewood go to saw. It always ran good but now it is even better.

Bogdan Petrescu
MS 461 - Complete overhaul

What an amazing saw it has become. The team at Ripsaw have done a wonderful job. Amazing power gains and throttle response.
Vustomer service is also very good.
Satisfaction guaranteed

Jarrod Stickley
Stihl 261cm portjob

Can't thank the guys enough at RIPSAW for there A1 service and work they did on my Stihl 261 it's a little hotsaw I plan to have others sent in the future keep it up fellas!

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