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REECOIL Big-Boss Lanyard

REECOIL Big-Boss Lanyard


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The REECOIL Big-Boss chainsaw lanyard has been designed to give you full mobility while climbing using large rear handle saws.

It is designed to be a hard-wearing, heavy-duty tool lanyard, able to make those awkward cuts other lanyards don’t let you reach. Saving you time and effort by not having to spur around the stem, or removing your tool lanyard and risking tool drop. The extra size of the Big-Boss lanyard gives you extra safety and security when carrying out BIG work.

We have maintained the compact recoil length by increasing the spring strength, and keeping a short recoil length when the lanyard is hung up.

As on all Reecoil lanyards, the hang carabiner or ring has been positioned to sit as close to the saw as possible, giving your saw the best hang position on your harness.


  • Designed for heavy-duty, rear handle chainsaws
  • Gives you Full Reach when in use
  • Recoils down to a compact length
  • Non-breakaway lanyard
  • Designed by climbers, for climbers!
  • Load rating 12kg (26.4lb)

Developed as a hard-wearing, heavy-duty lanyard when using heavy chainsaws at height.


The Big-Boss has an MBS of 7.5kN (750kg), WLL of 1.07kN (107kg) and a Safety Factor of 7:1.

To ensure you are working at or below the WLL of 107kg. We have a recommended MTW (Max Tool Weight) of 12kg. 12kg dropped at a Fall Factor 1.5, remains safely under the WLL of 107kg.

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Tye Fortuna
My 661 Rip Saw

The saw that I ordered it was nothing short of amazing! We work in big sky, Montana, and do everything from heavy civil Road building and construction in the mountains all the way down to logging in clean up jobs and I would recommend this saw and this company to anybody! They are great to work with and their products are unbelievable my saw is nothing short of amazing and it’s power in performance is something I’ve never experienced before. ! Rip Saw rocks !

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