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RIPSAW 500i / 661 .404 Big Tooth Conversion Kit


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Everything you need to upgrade your RIPSAW 500i or 661 to an oversized .404 chain and heavy bar setup. Intended for high power modified saws only! This kit is a preferred by RIPSAW loggers who need more performance than the stock bar and chain setup can offer.

Benefits of the "Big Tooth" Kit:

  • Resistant to chain stretching
  • Improved ability to retain a sharp edge in dirt, ice, debris, and hard wood
  • Heavy bar is less prone to bending/warping extending longevity


  • 25" STIHL Rollomatic ES Bar (.404 .063)
  • 2 x STIHL 25" Chain (.404 .063)
  • STIHL .404 Rim Sprocket
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