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🔥For those who demand the most

This saw is available and built to order. Thank you for the support! We are working to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible while maintaining our commitment to quality control. We treat all orders with the utmost importance. Current orders are shipping in ~6 months.

  • This saw is a brand new unit modified by RIPSAW.
  • Your saw will come ready to rip right out of the box with a bar and chain setup. Expect a significant power increase vs. stock.

Intended for professional use only!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Big City Tree Service

I have a 201t and a 261 from rip saw. I’ve run the ms201 for a year now and it’s holding up to all of my abuse. Ripsaw is one badass saw. It’s totally worth the wait you won’t be disappointed.

Eric Montgomery
10 out of 10

I can't recommend the 261 enough! I've had it for a week, and couldn't be happier. Had a couple friends decide to send in theirs to have it ported as well. Before they saw it, I was asked what it was like? Only way to describe it, is like they installed a demon inside it and all it wants to do is scream!

Jay Guttenberg

I cannot recommend the Ripsaw-ported Stihl 261 C-M enough. As the owner of an extensive firewood business in Wisconsin, I can confidently say that this saw has been nothing short of revolutionary for my operations. In order to optimize compatibility, I replaced the original sprocket with a Stihl 3/8 pitch rim featuring 8 slots, allowing me to use my standard 25" Stihl light bar with 3/8 chains seamlessly.

The Ripsaw Stihl 261 C-M truly excels in both delimbing and bucking smaller trees, thanks to its lightweight design, impressive power, and exceptional performance. This combination allows me to work tirelessly throughout the day without experiencing fatigue. In fact, 90% of my cutting work involves delimbing, which is where this saw truly shines.

For tackling larger tasks, I rely on my trusted Ripsaw Stihl 500i to handle the more substantial bucking requirements. The exceptional quality and performance of the Ripsaw Stihl 261 C-M have certainly earned my highest recommendation, and I applaud Ripsaw for their outstanding craftsmanship. I am eager to expand my collection of Ripsaw saws to further enhance the efficiency and capabilities of my thriving firewood business. Thank you, Ripsaw!

Jason Katsma
Glad I picked one up!

I tried the setup of the other 261 reviewer with a 28” .05 light weight bar and full skip chain. I’ve only used it for firewood so far, but I’ve cut logs well over 34” across with all 28” of the bar buried. Getting loads of firewood in record time and having fun doing it. Might just pick up another one.

Rick Bruso
Best for an old logger

I’ve been logging for 32 years now and lll probably do it until I die…this 261 is the reason I still can. Gone are the days lugging around and starting my 066…my shoulders can’t take it anymore. I run a Ripsaw 261 with a 28” bar…full skip chain. This saw is amazing. Just let it eat. I’ve had many saws ported over the years, but these guys blow everyone else out of the water. Best customer service and hardest hitting saws I’ve ever ran.