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RIPSAW 201T C-M "200 T Killer" + Ripsaw 4 Point Dog

RIPSAW 201T C-M "200 T Killer" + Ripsaw 4 Point Dog


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🔥For those who demand the most

This saw is available and built to order. Thank you for the support! We are working to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible while maintaining our commitment to quality control. We treat all orders with the utmost importance. Current orders are shipping in ~6 months.


  • This saw is a brand new unit modified by RIPSAW
  • Your saw will come ready to rip right out of the box with a bar and chain setup. Expect a significant power increase vs. stock.
  • All new orders will ship with a Ripsaw 4 Point Felling Dog as shown above 

Intended for professional use only!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
jos biggest enemy
jo is talking rubbish coz its rlly my mat carsten

jo is high... doesn't know wot hes on

tis a fab saw tho boyyyzzzz

200 T

incredible power and cuts very quick

Justin Duce

The saw came just as expected after 8 weeks of waiting. It cranks up and runs strong. Cutting through wood it almost feels like the power of a 261 in your hand. I couldn't be happier and the next saw I get will come from RIPSAW. Thanks!

Billy Ray Smith

Very enjoyable , thank you

Buddy Bayard
T killer

Here I am right at two years of running the same T kill and it still going just as strong as day one. I run the piss out of this saw 5 to 6 days a week and it just doesn’t quit. Of course I maintain my saws perfectly, proper oils, and etc. The saw packs a huge punch of power.and it keeps going and going and pass up the damn energizer Bunny