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This saw is available and built to order. Thank you for the support! We are working to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible while maintaining our commitment to quality control. We treat all orders with the utmost importance. Current lead time: ~6-8 months from date of purchase. Please note that all lead times are estimated based on orders going out the door today. We are working to complete built to order saws as quickly as possible however we can not rush any saws due to the precise nature of the work. Contact the shop if you need assistance!

  • This saw is a brand new unit modified by RIPSAW.
  • Your saw will come ready to rip right out of the box with a bar and chain setup. Expect a significant power increase vs. stock.

Intended for professional use only!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Levi Jones

So far it's perfect. Full bar power in dead dry blackwalnut. 1/4" picco is the way to go. This little saw pulls full bar like it's nothing and the ergonomics are fantastic. Ripsaw s performance is top notch and echo has mastered the rest of the saw. The 6 month wait was tough but I am really looking forward to this first season with it. Ran a full tank through it and for the performance the tank lasted quite a while. Got the true feeling of the saw by the end of the first tank. Ripsaw had the saw dialed at max rpm of 17600 and surprisingly smooth.

Robert O'Connell
No need to go anywhere else!

I ordered an Echo 2511t and could not be more impressed with the saw. I own a stock version and was satisfied with that but this saw is at a whole new level. Also, when I called for advice and other products, everyone was willing to spend time answering any questions. Customer support is everything to me and I have been so impressed with Ripsaw, I ordered a 500i and look forward to making that my go to saw. This company comes highly recommended!


Took 7 months to receive the saw but now that I have it all I can say is damn with an ear to ear smile


Saw is badass but took over 7 months to get if I could do it over I would have bought a saw and had someone local work on it. Not worth the wait

Kyle McLaughlin
What a Badass saw!!

I ordered my black 2511t on 07/15/23 and received it 02/15/24. The wait…. Was dreadful, but once it was over and the saw was running and screaming in my hands, I was blown away. I use VP SEF 50:1 w/94 octane. The throttle response is incredible and the saw doesn’t bog down when buried in the wood. I also did the 1/4 conversion with a 14 inch bar and I must say that’s the perfect addition for this saw. Thank you ripsaw for a great little fun toy. You guys are the best. Looking forward to receiving my 572xp soon when it’s done being modified.

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